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Report of 9/7/05

September 6th, 2005 at 07:38 pm

Well there was the expense of school supplies. Who knew that a graphing calculator would be so much. My wife went shopping and the school supplies and some clothes came to 175.00 dollars. My daughter needs new glasses and that will cost me. I don't know how much yet.

I just bought driveway sealer and will be doing the job myself. I used the less expensive sealer last time and it did not hold up. The cost for the sealer, crack filler, spreader, and de-greaser came to about 70 dollars. Some fella did our driveway a couple of years ago for 125.00. I was not home when the DW made the deal. What a rip off though. The stuff put down was so thin! Geez!

My sister dropped off a ton of left overs from a party she had. We froze a goodly amount and left some out for the week. I think we have 4 or 5 days worth of dinners. Leftovers are found money as far as I am concerned! I am not proud.

I really have spent no money on myself since the last entry. I am trying to have as many no-spend days as possible. One of my other sisters gave me a bunch of free rental coupons for Blockbuster. I am hoping to supplement our viewing choices which come from the library.

Well I keep keeping on!

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