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Knute commanding the tide!

August 16th, 2008 at 05:53 am

I feel like Knute commanding the tide back. More unexpected bills coming in. Work is slowing down and oddjobs are getting harder to find so as to make extra money.

My wife is stillgoing through her occassional spending spree. I used to get upset but now I have built this in as a feature of my life. The wife has no access to the funds I am putting away.

C'est la vie.........

The water bill that came in was 62 dollars higher than the last. It is funny how I look forward to rain now! I cut some more stuff from my budget so as to keep things in balance. Hard to say when I have saved enough as my mutual funds show a net loss as opposed to what I put into them. Pretty funny stuff. The ETFs are doing better and the savings are the savings.

I like the line from " I Remember Momma"; "we do not have to go to the bank!" I try to string no spend days together as much as I can. I have my coffee home and we buy bread products at a discount and freeze them for later use.

We had work done on the house and thatcost us a pretty penny. We had to have trees taken down and we fixed the landscaping. I believe we have added to the value of the house. We have two bathrooms and an upstairs bedroom to do.

It wa good we had work done outside. When the old front steps were taken down we found termites in the early stages. It is interesting how some exterminators will rip you off if they can. We found someone for a quarter of the price of the first quote who did the same thing.

We will soon need to replace my wife's car as well as get a car for my daughter.
I don't know where I am getting all this money. I am still a bit short of the 100,000 number for my daughter's college education. I am working on it.

Sometimes I wish my ship would come in but soon realize I am the builder of the boat I am in. So it goes.

I keep struggling not to slip back into debt but it is so hard these days to keep your head above water. Food, gas, electric, etc.....are getting more expensive everyday.

I am fortunate in that the mortgage is paid and the cars we own are bought and paid for. I will just keep hitting it and hope for the best!