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It is snowing again!:(

March 16th, 2007 at 04:18 pm

It is snowing again here. I really hate the snow! It makes life so difficult! To be sure it is great for those who run ski resorts and the like but I am tired of it.

When I was a kid it was great fun playing in the snow. Now I have to shovel it and drive through it and it is a pain in the neck.

I have been spending very little of late except on bills in the budget. I feel pretty good about that.

My DD is playing in the pit for her school play. She plays the piano and viola and is fairly accomplished. Sorry but I am so proud of her my heart may burst!

Wife's van got hit and we got a few estimates. We are going to use one of the lower estimates and bank the money left over. The insurance adjustor gave my wife about 1100 dollars and we found a really good shop that will do the work for 780.

We are not replacing some parts but they are still in good shape if not aesthetically. The bumper is sound it just does not look pretty. Who cares!

We have noticed that the prices of fresh fruit and veggies is getting a little ridiculous. I have been elected to go to a few grocery stores and the local farm stand with MIL to scope out better prices. I think we can make some serious savings hereif we map things out.

I really can't wait for the warmth of spring. Winter and cold has been hanging around too long for me!

Coming off the disabled list!

March 15th, 2007 at 07:37 pm

Well the bursitis laid me low for at least three weeks now. I have not been able to do some of the things I need to fill the coffers. I took a financial hit but what can you do?

I also developed tennis elbow because of "guarding" my injured shoulder! Geez I have all the luck!Big Grin

Some car and home repairs have really hit the emergency fund. Thank God we had the EF or the card bills would have been up again!

We now have only about 2200 in the EF. I am still being frugal and having scads of no spend days. I have to because of the spate of no earn days! I will be looking to make some extra money but I have to be careful not to get injured again as that could really set me back!

DW is still clipping coupons but she runs up the damn overdraft protection. It gets paid but I can't understand what she is doing! Well, at least she isn't running up thousands in credit card bills!

I am trying ot be really frugal and I have tightened the belt about as much as I can at this point. I continue the adventure!

Just Checking in to Say I Am Alive!

March 11th, 2007 at 04:55 pm

Hi everybody!Smile I hope everyone is well. I apologize for my absence but I have not been feeling well of late.

I injured myself doing some work and I have been in a good bit of pain. Truth be told I injured my shoulder and elbow and the pain has at times been dreadful.

I have been going to physical therapy and I hope to be better soon. The top of my right hand gets numb and sitting at the keyboard becomes uncomfortable. I have set up things so it is not so bad now.

On the financial front things are status quo. I am still putting money away and there have been no major disasters. Thank Heavens!

I have lost about 20 lbs on the diet but now I am stuck at this point until I can exercise more.

Well, that is about all that is going on here. I hope to soon be a full participant here again!

God Bless and see you soon!