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Checking In!

May 12th, 2007 at 02:52 am

No new credit card bills! We have been paying cash for the most part.

The Emergency fund is back up to nearly 7000 dollars and we are aiming for 10000 with a 100 a month additon when we get there.

I have been keeping busy trying to make money wherever and whenever I can. We have some home repairs to make soon. I hope to keep the amounts spent to a minimum.

The water heater and some of the pipes in the basement had to be replaced. The total bill for everything came to 1138.00.
Sheesh! I should have been a plumber.

Thankfully the EF was available and we paid cash! Thank God no need to use the CC's.

Don't get around to the computer much these days. Maybe when I get a little more time but I work when the work is there in order to fatten up our retirement accounts.

Sometimes I wish I'd hit the lottery as I am not as young as I used ot be.Smile

I hope eveyone here is doing well. I will stop in again soon.