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Another health problem! Sheesh!!!!

April 29th, 2006 at 02:10 am

Well, I may have the beginnings of a ventral hernia in my abdominal wall. I go for the sonargram next week. In the meantime I cannot lift anything heavy.

Well, there goes some of my extra work. I guess I should count myself lucky it could always be a lot worse. At least I have insurance and the means to get medical help.

The loss of extra work will crimp my style a bit. I'll have to look for something a little less strenuous for the time being. I hope I find some.

On the disaster scale I would have to say this is kinda low. Then again I have to wait and see what the doctor says.

Back to the grindstone!Smile

Spending=Null 4/26/2006

April 26th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

I spent no money today. I did not even think about it until I got home and realized it. I guess there will be another 20 dollars in saving this week. I guess I could kep the same 20 in my pocket for the week after as well. There sure is a lot of guessing going on!

Only one bill today and that was for a deductible on my insurance. $19.41.

I seeded the lawn or at least the worst spot on it. I have closed it off with stakes and string. Maybe I'll get some grass. Did it myself to save money.

Setting up a new budget. It will make my life a little tougher but it will get me out of debt sooner!

No Spend Day!

April 25th, 2006 at 12:43 am

My sister invited us all over for dinner. Free eats is okay with me. We reciprocate. Lunch was brought form home and the oatmeal for breakfast was filing. I spent no money today. Repeat. I spent no money today. My twenty for the week is still unbroken.

Whatever is left over for the week will go into the 20 dollar challenge fund!

Where do you want to be?

April 25th, 2006 at 12:37 am

I want to be out of debt but what happens when I am? Did you ever want something so bad and when you got it you sort of had a let down afterwards?

When and where do you draw the line between saving and miserliness? When do you spend to enjoy if at all?

Am I missing life now because of this saving thing? Maybe I'm doing the right/wrong thing with my money?

Where do I want to go and where do I want to be with my finances and how do I get there? I guess these are questions we all ask ourselves. Just musing!

Checked wife's wallet for new credit cards.

April 23rd, 2006 at 05:24 am

I must be losing it. I snuck into my wifes purse the other night while she was sleeping and checked for any new credit cards. Thankfully there were none.

I check the mail as often as I can and throw out any card offers made to her. I also monitor the mail to see if any odd looking bills or cards come.

I know it sounds crazy but spending is every bit a sickness as alcoholism or gambling or drug addiction. I just need to know that I am not getting blind sided.

I made some extra money but I am thoroughly exhausted. I cannot lose my health for money no matter what. I have to ratchet it back a bit for a while.
I like the extra money but the time spent getting it is wearing me out.
My wife knows nothing of the extra monsy and I am not going to tell her about it. I can see daylight up ahead. I hope I reach it and am debt free.

I am paying the basic bills and am not spending on anything else. Hopefully things work out in the end. Back to the grindstone!

Easter Leftovers.

April 18th, 2006 at 03:40 pm

We had a 21 lb turkey which cost us 12 dollars. Well, we fed 11 people with the turkey at dinner. We sent care packages home with several of our guests.

I have enough turkey here for three to four more meals. We used the turkey carcass to make turkey soup. All in all I am very pleased with the value of this particular turkey. I know it is no biggy but I like the midset of frugality and good value this turkey has manifested.

My wife sent me to her pocket book for stamps and I found several credit cards in there. Most are store cards but here were 3 bank CC's. I have to check to make sure she is not going behind my back with the spending again. I feel really terrible about that but I think it is necessary.

Hopefully they have no serious amounts if any associated with them.

DD's New Metronome and other musings

April 14th, 2006 at 09:39 pm

My DD takes viola in school. Today I had to get a new A string put on. It cost me a few dollars. The rental company would have replaced it free but there is the matter of tolls and gas traveling into the next county to get the free string.

I bought my DD a battery operated metronome. It is a new elctronic type and the first thing my DD says is that she wants the old one with the swinging arm. No thank you's just a complaint.
26 dollars for the device. Still have to go get the 9V battery.

Truth be told I would spend my last nickle on my DD. She is frugal with money. She really does not ask for much.

We are having relatives over for the Easter Holiday. I talked the DW into having less snack type stuff before dinner. I figure we'll save money and not ruin peoples appetites. We got a 21 lb Turkey for twelve dollars using a points promo at the local grocery.

I am going to veg out and not think about things financial this weekend. I am just going to sit back and enjpy the holiday. My DD will be playing th piano Sunday for the family. I guess the greatest wealth in the world is family and my daughter makes me feel very wealthy indeed.

Happy Holidays to everyone and God Bless!

No Spending.

April 12th, 2006 at 03:53 pm

Well, the bills continue to be paid. I took the bicycle out for a ride today and boy am I out of shape. I have to figure out a way to carry things on the bike to use for errands.

I still have my twenty in my pocket for the week. I have started to drink more water as a way to cut down on milk and juice consumption.

The wife and I are not arguing the last day or two. Maybe we are making headway. I will keep my fingers crossed. The darn allergy season has me feeling pretty bad though. I hate allergies. Oh well!

Still onthe lookout for extra work. Hopefully something else pans out.

Up to 120

April 12th, 2006 at 03:47 pm

This has not turned out the way I hoped it would but I am now up to 120.

Hiding the Money from Wife.

April 10th, 2006 at 09:36 pm

Well, I made a couple of extra bucks and I have not told the wife about it. It makes more sense to save and not let her know about it. I tried the open path and it sure backfired.

We have tried the counseling but it usually degenerates into screaming matches. Enough is enough. I don't care to live in a hovel when I get older so it is up to me to save. I will divorce my finances from my wifes finances if that is necessary. I thought about it before but it is fast becoming a viable option. I intend to consult a lawyer to see how one goes about doing that.

I have the emergency fund up to 5000 again. I have 14 payments to go on my wifes CC debt. I threw some extra money at it last payment.

I printed out info on Debit cards and explained to my wife the dangers of using overdraft protection at 21%. I hope she keeps better control of her checking account. In any case she does not have a credit card and the overdraft is limited to 5000. Crazy stuff this!

Now the wife wants to redo the upstairs and finish the basement. Money grows on trees right? I tried to expalin to the wife that I don't want to incur any more debt as I pay off her last spending spree. I could see where the discussion was going in 30 seconds. I have no money to give until the CC is paid off.

Oddly enough she is still clipping coupons for the grocery store. Talk about about irony. I got my bicycle fixed to use for short trips around town and save wear and tear on the car. It is also good for my health barring getting hit by a car!

I'd like to thank all the folks who have been so kind and free with good advice.
Now it is back to the grindstone and make it happen!

Still Hitting the brick wall !

April 1st, 2006 at 06:22 am

I am totally burned. Some extra work came up but so did some unexpected bills. I don't spend any money on most days.

The bills are being paid and sometime by April/May of next year I'll be out of debt completely, God willing.

The wife ran up a 794 dollar overdraft on her debit card. Sometimes I can understand why some things can make a fella cry. I had to explain to my wife that 21.9% was an obscene amount of interest for her overdrafts. I don't understand this sickness of spending. Truly, I don't. I can really see why it is the number one cause of marital break ups.

In any case I keep plugging away at it. I hate the debt. I hate the constant scrimping and doing without while the wife is oblivious. Why clip coupons if you are running up overdraft bills. My wife even insisted I get her a new credit card. Maybe I will be leaving home in the near future. I am just so tired of this nonsense.

Gosh, I am so tired of this.