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Still out of debt.

September 17th, 2013 at 05:56 am

Still out of debt. I am still living frugally. My wife was worried about my insurance (Life) but it appears I have more than enough! Hmmm? Should I be worried about her inquiry? LOL!!!!Smile
In any case she has not run up any more debt that I am aware of. We are still putting as much away as possible but the taxes and the cost of food and energy keep rising.
We stopped clipping coupons as the savings were minimal here. We have modified our purchasing habits and have cut our food budget substantially. The Utility Bill is still a bone of contention between us. We have had some really serious arguments about this.
My DD is out of college and this promises to be an opportunity to save some more money as time goes by.
It is all about retirement savings at this point. We are in pretty good shape where this is concerned. I still try to put as much as humanly possible away.
The CC bill is paid in full every month and we have been collecting points for flights. This was helpful with DD going back and forth!
I need to lose a good deal of weight or all the money in the world shall do me no good!
So there it goes for now. I just keep plugging away financially. Ship is running smooth right now. I do need to increase the Emergency and Dental fund account balances as they have taken hits in the last year! SO on it goes!