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I hate crowded supermarkets!!! ARRGGHHH!!

November 22nd, 2006 at 11:04 pm

Yes, my wife sent me out to pick up a few last minute things at the local supermarket. Oh and the locals were in a festive and jolly mood today!

Have you ever seen two elderly ladies go at it. My goodness! I don't think I have quite heard profanities strung together in such a fashion. Aside from being thoroughly embarassed I was stuck on the line at the checkout. Somehow my image of sweet little old ladies has been damaged in extremus.

Several times I was run into in the aisles whilst standing still. Trust me when I tell you I am hard to miss. I show up on radar. I have felt safer driving my car on the highway. People whiz by with their carts oblivious to everything and everyone as they peruse the shelves in non-stop fashion!

My gratitude goes out to the lovely couple in front of the plum tomatoes for over ten minutes. Why did you inspect EVERY plum tomato when you saw me standing and waiting. Could you not simply have shared the space with me. Hey I showered and shaved. Why I even put cologne on!

When I finally paid for my groceries I had moved my cart forward and was awaiting my bagged groceries. The fellow on line put his material up and pushed his cart forward towards mine. At this exact moment a store worker came in behind me and blocked my egress from the counter area. It seems she was there to pick up items left at the register by customers. I would have bagged the milk myself but I could not reach it at this point. So I wait about 5 minutes and I don't say a word!

Well, I finally have all my goods packed and I head for the door. Oh please miss could you look at your reciept elsewhere and let me pass

I finally make it the parking lot that some shoppers think is a NASCAR track. Thanks for letting this pedestrian have the right of way!Rolleyes No this is not a demolition derby! Then again maybe it is! Someone has pushed a cart up against my car. Why thank you I have always wanted to see what a cart can do to my paint job.

Forget making the left as nobody is cutting anyone any slack during these joyous times. I make the right to avoid the crazies trying to get home a few minutes sooner.

Upon arriving home my wife asks in so pleasant a voice, "what took you so long"! My DW notices that I have forgotten something. It is on the list she says! Where says I? Oh, I must have forgotten to put it down! Would you mind going back to the store to get it!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, if you read a story about someone beating Mr. Whiffle unconcious with a twelve pack of Charmin it was probably me!

Using Emergency Fund to pay of wife's CC

November 21st, 2006 at 05:43 am

I just pulled out 4300 out of the EF to pay off my wife's Chase CC bill. Those creeps just informed my wife that any adverse info on her credit report would allow them to default her interest rate to 32%. Can you imagine?

Well, I'll go without! I'll walk barefoot in the snow first before I pay 32% interest because any of my wife's bills were a day late! They are fishing to get money out of folks any way they can!

Well, They are getting no more from me! The nerve of those people. I have never been late with any payments on this card that I am paying off for my wife. Those people see the card being paid off and bells and whistles go off! How do we keep this person paying? How do we extract a pound of flesh before they payoff what they owe!

I am as mad as a person can possibly be! In future, if I can't pay cash then I can't have it!

My message to all the CC companies out there is simple, "DROP DEAD"!!! Boy am I annoyed at those people!!!!Mad

Change in CC Terms!

November 20th, 2006 at 04:46 pm

My wife's CC sent her a notice of a change in terms. 32% is the new default rate. The penalty fees are up to 39 dollars.

Interest accrues from the time you charge something and your rate can go up due to adverse info on your credit report. This is the final straw with these clowns! I am dipping into the EF and I am paying off the damn CC debt once and for all!

Cash and carry is the order of the day. I have had enough of this crap! Damn!

A Picture of me!

November 19th, 2006 at 05:40 am

I hope the picture comes out right!

Other folks were posting so I thought I just may as well. My only problem is that I have to take my own pictures as you can see! The cycling shorts are just a bit less embarassing than the potpourri!Big Grin

Must control blogging urge!

November 18th, 2006 at 02:03 am

I have stopped watching TV to hang around here and I think that is good to a point. I have been dodging a little work during the day to come here. The lists became very addictive! Dodging work is baaaddd!!Smile

I spent no money today but DW had to travel and so the mini van had to get filled with gas. 43 dollars to fill the tank! Arrgghhh!!! She spent 15 dollars for lunch as well. Well, so it goes! Oh and I forgot 40 dollars for dinner(she took her brother out).

So, I am sitting at the keyboard this evening singing along to Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. As if anyone even remembers them anymore sad to say!Frown
An inexpensive joy to be sure.

I am craving a DR.Pepper and some nachos. It is Friday night and I am a wild and crazy guy!SmileOh man I am missing Battlestar GAlactica! BYE!!!Smile

My list of 25!

November 16th, 2006 at 10:38 pm

Okay since everyone else is doing this I guess I can do so as well!

1) I am the size of of an Offensive tackle in the NFL.6'6" and 330 lbs.

2) I sing tenor and I actually have a very nice voice.

3) I missed being an Eagle Scout by one merit badge.

4) I have worked as a bartender and I was a darn good one. It was the most fun job I ever had.

5) The first great love of my life eloped and married someone else which broke mty heart at the time!

6) I am a notary public.

7) I am a certified firearms instructor.

8) Unbeknownst to all my guy friends I like making potpourri with different scented oils. It just would not go over well with the fellas.

9) I have seen enough death and suffering such that I don't ever want to see any anymore.

10) I like wearing baseball caps.

11) I volunteer with local sheriff's dept. as a reservist.

12) I always found that sitting around a camp fire, roastig marshmallows, singing corny songs, and drinking hot cocoa, is about the funnest thing on the planet to do!

13) My eyes well up when I watch sad movies like Brians Song or The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I am at heart a big mush!

14) I love gadgets and tools. They are my favorite gifts! I love to tinker.

15) I once gave serious thought to being a priest.

16) I am on the executive committee of a local political party.

17) I have been a Chicago Cubs Fan before it was fashiobnable. I have never stepped foot in the state of Illinois.

18) I love singing Doo-Wop music and I do it every chance I get.

19) I am one of nine children!

20) Walks on rainy days followed by hot coaoa, a warm blanket, and a good book in the recliner are like gold!

Dinner is ready so I'll post the next five as soon as I am done!Smile

Okay I am back form dinner and here are the next five.

21) I have been known to fall asleep at services and have my wife give me an elbow to wake me up!

22) I love putting lightsup for all the holidays and Christmas is the biggie!

23) I grew up poor so everything I have I am truly amazed that I have.

24) I have milked a cow and moved them to water with the aid of a dog. I have planted corn and picked apples. I have watched a calf being born. While sheep are cute they are amonst the dumbest of God's creatures!

25) I really love my wife and family. God is good and merciful and life can be beautiful if you look at in the proper perspective.

Well, that was 25 off the top of the head!WinkSmile

Just Musing

November 15th, 2006 at 10:39 pm

What is it all about anyhow? Save money, retire, and try to enjoy what is left. There is more to life than just money and success as the world sees it. Is my material success all encompassing of who I am or how successful as a person?

What is any of these things I own really worth? It will all break, fade, or passs away over time. Nothing of me or mine will remain!

What does,"is it worth it?", mean? Is there anything worth it? Whatever "it" is!
Just musing on a somber day. Just thinking a little too deeply perhaps. Perhasps where ignorance is bliss it truly is folly to be wise!

Howdy and update!

November 15th, 2006 at 08:41 am

I now owe only a bit above 3900 dollars on the wife's CC. February should be the last payment!

Most of the days this week were no spend and that is good. The wife is still clipping coupons. No unexpected bills except the one to check the boiler for 179.00.

There is nothing exciting to report. Got my daughter an apple peeler and corer for her B day. She got other stuff but this gift was unexpected. Must get the penchant for these gifts from her mom!

I'm still scrounging for extra work. Things have been a little tight of late.
I guess I'll just have to look harder.

Hopefully the Autopilot will take over again soon! I hope there are no more surprises. I think I'll be home for Thanksgiving this year!

That is about all there is to report!WinkSmile

Repairs/Affairs/and Stuff

November 10th, 2006 at 03:01 am

Well, Sunday I went to a Christening for my niece! What a cutie she is! My gift to cover the cost of three meals and drinks was $150 dollars! It was great seeing the whole family and it really is nice, especially on happy occasions! Thank God I don't have an affair every weekend!Smile

I fixed two lamps in the house. I then bought and installed a new seat on the Kohler Low Boy. We had issues though! First the seat from Kohler was thin plastic and did not fit. It was the correct replacement model. We ended up ordering a cheaper wooden seat that has plastic sprayed on it that fit perfectly. The color was a spot on match too!

The parts to hold the seat on were awful so I installed the seat using a combination of old and new parts. I think someone must stay up nights for these companies figuring out ways to make things less simple to use! Go figure!

I made a payment today on the wifes last CC and I should be down below 4000 dollars. I cannot wait until my last payment is made and I can thumb my nose at the CC companies and start seriously saving bucks!

I just got a Kill a Watt device that was mentioned around the blogs here. Great device. I am starting to figure out how much things cost to run! I have explained to everyone in the house that items with motors and heating elements burn up scads of kilowatt hours! Save! Save! Save! My wife thinks I am nuts though!Big Grin

Yes! I have finished my bag of Tootsie Pops and am suffering from severe sugar withdrawal! AArrrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!

I am getting so close to freedom from indebtedness! I can almost taste it!

The wife has not yet gotten her leather coat but she has her new toaster oven! I am still waiting til she uses it before I touch it. It was her request, not my idea, folks to get a toaster oven!

The weather was 70 degrees today! It is pretty unnerving for it to be that warm this late in the year. I am not complaining. I have all my upstairs windows open and the heat off as we speak. It is in the low 60s here and it is heaven to me!

The wife and I are getting along fairly well and we have had some nice long talks. That is a good thing! I really do love that woman. You know, you just don't love someone as well as when you have been with them over time. You learn to know their habits, foibles, and little cute peculiarities!

Thinking back it was very hormonal at first. Love grows and takes deep roots over time. I could not ever imagine being with anyone else, ever! I have been through a great deal but I would gladly do it all over again! That is odd when you think about it. I love her that much!
Ah, enough sappy stuff!

After the the new year starts I hope to be out of denbt and will take stock of my fibnancial situation! I'll let you all in on it as you have so graciously helped my and listened to my tales of woe!

Sorry about the run on babble! Hope to respond to some of your blogs over the weekend. See ya soon gang!

Nice Weekend!

November 5th, 2006 at 05:49 am

Hey Gang!!!!

I have stopped watching the boob tube and tuned in here! Actually reading and responding to blogs is so much more enjoyable and productive.Smile

The week went prety well and I pretty much stayed on target and spent only on budgeted items. WooHOOO!!!!

Today I treated myself to two dirty water hot dogs with mustard, sauerkraut, and onions, I washed it down with a diet Coke! That was my indulgence this week!

Went over to Mamas house and got a bag of Tootsie Pops. Seems like too much candy was bought for the kids trick or treating! I am a Toosie Pop Fiend! I love the darn things! I also got a bowl of, ready to laugh, chicken soup! Homemade chicken soup that was to die for!

The wife and I are doing well so far but she had 619 dollar overdraft on her checking. Hey, it is her problem now so I'll not be losing sleep over it!

We are getting along smashingly this week though! We still have yet to go get her new leaher coat!

DDs birthday is coming up and I am getting her new in line skates as the old ones really are too small for her now!

Got a few things for Christmas but I really hate shopping and such especially for clothes! I usuually take one of my sisters because when it comes to buying womens clothing, for my wife, I am a walking disaster. Don't ever ask me to coordinate color or anything else fashionable. High fashion for me is Dockers, loafers, a shirt, and a tie!Smile

My wife asks me not to go clothes shopping without someone who understands the subtle vagueries of womens clothing! I am as clueless as they come!

DDs Viola lessons are going to cost 343 dollars. An odd number for 10 lessons if you ask me. There was 40 dollars for the trip to the French restaurant with her French Class.

The wife and I have to go to an auto safety course to get our 10% off on our auto insurance. We are looking for the cheapest possible class!

Wait I also splurged last night and bought two bottle of Diet Dr. Browns Blackberry Soda! It is a treat for me. Most folsk think it tastes like Robitussin but hey I like it and it was 99 cents for the large bottles so I bought two!

I am on my third Tootsie Pop and I still bite them before I get tohe center. Oh well!

I realize this is a long post bt I have not been posting as often as I would like!

On we go!Smile