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Low Inflation? Really?

January 12th, 2012 at 06:17 pm

I have been told that inflation is low. Given the prices in the grocery store you could really fool me. We look for sales and try to stock up as much as possible.

My gas and electric bill appear to keep increasing. I am amazed at the cost!

Looks like I need to stretch the dollars even more.

7 Responses to “Low Inflation? Really?”

  1. PauletteGoddard Says:

    The stupid thing about the Consumer Price Index is that it does not include food or gas prices. Also, if gas prices are higher, transportation costs are factored into the price of the food if trucked to a supermarket.

  2. librarylady Says:

    We have really noticed an increase in the grocery prices as well.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Yeah, some things have remained relatively steady price-wise, but food and gas-- which everyone needs and uses on a regular basis, have gone through the roof. I write a lot of news articles about commodities prices, and I have seen the figures. In one year, most meat prices have risen at least 10 percent. And they expect it to happen again this year. Time to stock up the chest freezer!

  4. Mary Ann Says:

    Same here. Everything sees so high. My real estate taxes are going up 28% this year, yet homes value are lower. As my mother used to can't win for loosing!

  5. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I can't get over how much peanut butter has gone up in price.

  6. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The value of our homes is falling yet property taxes are going up?

    Food and gas are not factored into the consumer price index?

    Savings accounts are getting less than 1%?

    Sigh! :-(

  7. Jerry Says:

    We are about to move from a relatively low cost of living country in SE Europe to a very high cost of living country further west, and we are worried about the difference. It is true that the cost of living index is laughably incomplete and offers very little insurance of a good overview that can lead to some good budgetary planning. Good luck, things are definitely tough all over!

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